Skirmantas Januskas started coding when he was just 10 years old and met DappRadar co-founder Dragos Dunika online at the ripe age of 12. The two began to work on various projects together and found real success a few years later when they established an online portal offering users of a popular Steam game the chance to buy and sell in-game assets, skins for FIAT currency but in a way that bypassed the Steam store and the applicable sale charges. The portal was so successful the two began working on it full time and Skirmantas dropped out of University. 

Skirmantas understood the need for blockchain and NFTs in the gaming world at this point more than most. Traditional gaming platforms didn’t let you buy and sell your assets for real money or they charged a lot to do so. Skirmantas started searching for dapps to try out and found no central location online so spent 3 days building DappRadar v1.0 and instantly fell in love with what he had created. Skirmantas had created the world's leading platform for dapp discovery and data analysis. 

Now at 23 years old, Skimantas is at the helm of a market-leading product that recently secured $2.1M in seed funding through Naspers Ventures. As an individual, Skirmantas is extremely passionate about data accuracy and reliability. DappRadar has, and always will work to remove all fake and manipulated dapp data on the site in order to offer a real source of truth to the growing dapp community. 

CEO, Skirmantas Januskas, is quickly emerging as a sought after authority on the space as users and investors increasingly adopt dapps in place of traditional applications. 

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