I am a computer scientist, a geek, an innovator and a creative.

My strength is to continuously learn new technologies and improve my programming skills so that I can conceive new ideas, tests and projects.

Newly learned informations allows me to constantly improve existing projects.Programming languages and technologies (expert level): Javascript, Node.js, GoLang, C, C++, C#, Java, ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Linux (Kernel and User-space), MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PHP, Websockets, Socket.io, AngularJS, HTML5, JQuery, D3.js, CSS3 (LESS).

I have an extensive knowledge and have coded algorithms applied to many fields, from artificial intelligence and automated learning to data analysis, cryptography and networking: SOM, Genetic Algorithms, GNG, k-NN, large integer factorization algorithms (Pollard P-1, Lenstra's Elliptic Curve), etc.

Excellent knowledge also in networking stack, TCP/IP standard applications and custom protocols implementation.Parallel and distributed computing (and cloud computing) are part of my expertise and a focus for my projects. Scalability, reliability and high-availability are key factors for anything that I develop.

The deep involvement in financial sector has opened up a new range of projects where I can apply my expertise and acquire a deep knowledge in FIX protocol, Bloomberg API (Desktop, Server, TSOX, VCON), Trading Systems development, Trade Order Management Systems, Investment management and back-office software, etc.I'm also a Linux fan (and user since 1995), Unix and network administrator with a background as Linux Kernel hacker and security expert.

Git is my preferred code version control system.

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