Michael Ou is a FinTech entrepreneur, who is extremely passionate about blockchain security. Michael is the chairman of the publicly traded company SmartDisplayer Technology, a 20-year-old family business that pioneered banking security solutions. Used by over 50+ banks in over 30 countries, and certified by the likes of Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay, SmartDisplay Technology develops and manufactures payment cards that generate one-time passwords to securely merge online and offline transactions. 

When Michael first heard about Bitcoin in 2013, he foresaw a similar evolutionary path for virtual currency’s infrastructure. Equipped with traditional banking security background along with passion and vision for the crypto and blockchain technology, Michael founded CoolBitX in 2014 - a blockchain security company that presented the world’s first mobile hardware wallet, the CoolWallet S, which transformed the world’s expectations of hardware wallets. 

In 2019, Michael was invited to participate in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) forum, where he made recommendations to the FATF’s recent AML frameworks for virtual currencies. He also introduced Sygna, the first-in-class attestable end-to-end KYC wallet solution. Moving forward, Michael and the team at CoolBitX are dedicated on improving the reputation and operations of the virtual currency industry.

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