David Shin is the Head of Global Adoption for Klaytn, a public blockchain focused on the metaverse, gamefi, and the creator economy, backed by Korea’s internet giant, Kakao Corp. He is a dynamic entrepreneur and successful investment banker turned blockchain evangelist.

 As an active community builder, David has helped to establish numerous non-profits across Asia - facilitating conversations between local entities and governments around the topic of blockchain and cryptocurrency. David is also an advisor to various organizations, including Interstellar, Bantu Blockchain Foundation and Stanford University.

 David is one of the early adopters of digital currencies. He has been invited by regional and global media outlets (CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, NY Times and many others) to share his thoughts on the metaverse and Web3. He has also consulted numerous financial institutions on blockchain implementation projects and central banks on the viability and impact of Central Bank Digital Currencies (or CBDCs).

 Before Klaytn, David was the Asia Head at TZ APAC, an adoption entity supported by Tezos Foundation to drive the Tezos ecosystem. He was also the Head of Exchange at Bitcoin.com, and prior to that, he was the Asia Head of Global Equity Derivatives and Repo Sales at TD Bank, where he was also the key crypto expert, working with senior management to develop the bank’s strategy on digital assets. David wrote the original proposal on behalf of TD Bank to Canadian regulators, on how crypto currencies should be regulated in Canada. Prior to all these, David was also Asia Head of Product Management at Barclays and Director at Standard Chartered Bank.

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