Sunny King, a legendary blockchain developer, is the inventor of Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and the creator of three cryptocurrencies/blockchain projects, V SYSTEMS, Peercoin and Primecoin. Each project brings important advancements to blockchain technology and its community.

In 2012, Sunny King invented Proof-of-Stake consensus to challenge the Proof-of-Work consensus used by Bitcoin, with the aim to create an energy-efficient blockchain consensus mechanism.

Since then, Sunny King created Peercoin and Primecoin, and led the technology community to work on these two projects. The core ideas and technology used by Peercoin has inspired a lot of altcoins in the market, with Proof-of-Stake consensus massively adopted in the community.

In 2018, Sunny King returns with his new consensus mechanism - Supernode Proof-of-Stake, together with his brand new project, V SYSTEMS.

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